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Teach your dog to learn multilingual commands

26th August 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Have you ever dreamed of teaching French to your French Bulldog? German to your German Shephard? Or Spanish to your Chihuahua? Maybe you’re struggling to communicate with a rescue dog? Or you just want to help your four legged friend connect to its roots.

In celebration of International Dog Day (26th August) Rosetta Stone, the language learning programme, is launching a new guide to help dog-owners up and down the country communicate with canines and teach their dog to be multilingual.

The free-to-use programme will teach animal lovers some of the top doggy-friendly commands, including sitstay and leave, in      ten languages. It also includes audio recordings for dogs and their owners too so they can really finesse their new found foreign tongue together.

Aston spoke to Joe Nutkins, main instructor at Dog Training in Essex & Suffolk to explain the best way to teach your pup to #BarkFluently, and why joining your furry friend in learning it’s ‘native’ tongue could be the best bonding exercise – whether they’re a new addition to the family or a rescue pup from overseas.

Photo by Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash