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Emerald Aphrodite on #PositivesOfThePandemic with Laura Anderson

25th August 2020
Posted by Laura Anderson

This is the 2nd feature of the new regular segment Positives of the Pandemic with Laura Anderson. This is a chance for the local community to share the positive side to Covid- 19 , the side you don’t often hear in the media. So, whether you learnt a new skill, started a new job or even started your new business, we want to hear from you!

This week, Laura was joined by Chloe and Chris from Benfleet who shared their story of how they learnt a new skill in creating jewellery and this lead on to starting their business Emerald Aphrodite online.

When asked about the lockdown experience and starting a new business, Chloe said,

“So whilst it was very upsetting and scary to see the arts in such dire-straights, people catching the virus and the economy crumbling, I thought about a way I could express my creativity and make people smile at the same time.”

Chloe continues:

“Emerald Aphrodite offers handmade bespoke jewellery and crafts. All of our products are made with eco-friendly materials including our gift wrapping.

You can check out more info on social media; and or email us at; [email protected]. Look out for us on @Eventissima_events for the online Christmas Market via Instagram from 28th September!”

Thats just one more positive outcome out of lockdown #positivesofthepandemic