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Home working set to end north-south divide

28th July 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

New research has shown how over half (54%) of employees will be working from home in some capacity moving forward. With 34% having been told by bosses they will continue to work solely work from home post pandemic. With a further 22% being informed they can work more flexibly then before according to The Guild of Property Professionals.

The shift to home working has left a big question mark over house prices in many of the big cities and regions across the UK, leading to a quarter (23%) saying it will lead to more uniformed house prices and an end to the North/ South divide when it comes to pricing.

Before lockdown, Brits were willing to live an average of 23 miles away from their workplace, but now post-lockdown they are willing to live an average of 56 miles away from their company‚Äôs office. This shift in attitudes has also been noticed in the types of locations people would like to live in, with urban/suburban having dropped since lockdown and rural environments having risen from a fifth pre lockdown to almost a third (27%) post lockdown.

Aston spoke to Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals to discuss the findings and what this means for potential buyers and sellers.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter on Unsplash