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Iona Bain discusses lockdown shopping habits

6th July 2020
Posted by Ros Connors

Since coronavirus hit our shores and the country went into lockdown three months ago, we’ve all been experiencing dramatic changes to our daily lives. One of the biggest changes Brits have had to contend with is the way we buy our food. But what has been the overall impact on food shopping behaviour, and how has it affected the way we plan and eat our meals? 

A first of its kind study has been commissioned by frozen food giants Birds Eye and Iceland, looking at how British behaviour has changed towards buying groceries since lockdown took hold. Findings reveal Brits are driving a frozen food renaissance, with families filling their freezers as they shop bigger and less often and recognising the benefits that frozen foods have to offer.

The research shows a third (33%) of all UK shoppers are using their freezer more efficiently and a further one in five (21%) are including more frozen foods in their cooking since lockdown.

When it comes to why shoppers are re-igniting their love for frozen, the cost saving potential of frozen over fresh has been a huge driving force. One in five (21%) have noticed how frozen items can be better value for money than fresh, and 17% agree they can get far more for their money from shopping frozen.

Ros discussed this research with financial expert, Iona Bain:

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash