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Listen: call for new business creation support

24th June 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

People in the most deprived areas of the United Kingdom could play a greater role in the post pandemic recovery than was previously realised and give the Government’s levelling up agenda a significant shot in the arm. This is according to new research carried out among potential business owners and current small business leaders in extremely low-income communities.

The research highlights the number of budding entrepreneurs, in areas hit hardest over the last 18 months, with untapped talent and a strong appetite to start their own business. In those communities, starting a business and becoming your own boss is seen as a route to a better life, both in terms of income and wellbeing. More fulfilling work (61%), higher income (62%) and improved quality of life (64%) are seen as key motivators, according to research carried out by Sage Group and The Entrepreneurs Network.

Aston spoke to Amanda Cusdin, chief people officer, sustainability and society lead at Sage.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter on Unsplash