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Moira Brock receives British Citizen Award

28th January 2022
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Moira Brock from Basildon, Essex is to be recognised at the Palace of Westminster with the prestigious British Citizen Award (BCA) in recognition of her extraordinary endeavours. The British Citizen Award in partnership with One Stop, is now in its eighth year and recognises exceptional individuals who positively impact their communities throughout the country. 

The January 2022 Presentation has been postponed due to current Government Guidelines, but Moira will be honoured on 24th March 2022 with The British Citizen Award for Services to the Arts and will receive the coveted BCA Medal of Honour and invited to use the post-nominals BCAa as a legacy of their achievement.

Moria founded ‘La Danse Fantastique’ in 1990. It is a school for the arts, mixing children with special needs and able bodies, through music, dance and a variety of shows, they all get to express themselves. Along with her talented team of teachers, for the last 3 years Moira has taught Ballet, Modern, Tap, Musical Theatre, Drama, Singing and Commercial Street to children and toddlers of all ages and abilities. This is a truly inclusive setting where those with special needs are genuinely integrated, which serves both sets of children equally enabling able-bodied children to accept and understand those with differences. At the same time, helping those with difference express themselves in an understanding environment. 

Johnny spoke to Moira: