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#PositivesOfThePandemic with Laura Anderson

17th August 2020
Posted by Laura Anderson

Lockdown was a scary time for some, with many people experiencing a negative recession in their lives. The news was filled with negative headlines, people were lacking in funds and stock piling in toilet paper to shield from the virus itself. We questioned “When will it end?”

But for some, it was the time to reflect and recover. To learn a new skill, gain a new job role or to even start their own business!

Laura Anderson, Weekend Breakfast presenter, is aiming to promote the positive outcomes of the pandemic, to support those who have made positive changes to thier lives. She spoke to Lily Usher from Rayleigh who saw the lockdown as the best time to start her new challenge, to create her business :

Hear the interview here: is an online store that promotes and sells homemade top quality products. “LAFU will dedicate at least 10% of its annual net profits to causes spanning homelessness; mental health and providing equal opportunity to underprivileged kids and communities in the UK” said Lily, making her different to similar websites.

With the business currently in the process of building the online store ,she is planning to launch the store by November.

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