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THINK! launches new campaign urging young drivers not to speed

2nd February 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

A sharp increase in the proportion of cars speeding seen during the UK’s first national lockdown has prompted a new THINK! campaign urging young drivers on essential journeys to ‘be the mate who won’t speed’ to keep themselves and others safe on the road, and help reduce pressure on the NHS.The latest speeding compliance statistics, taken when the country was out of lockdown during the summer  show speeding compliance returning to 2019 levels, but with lockdown restrictions back in place there are concerns that speeding could creep back up to peak levels as drivers take advantage of quieter roads.

Road casualty data  highlights the risks of careless driving even with fewer cars on the road, with 40% of road deaths and serious injuries among 17-24 year-old men resulting from single-vehicle accidents. The new THINK! campaign encourages young drivers to watch their speed in a bid to reduce the number of young people killed and seriously injured on the roads.

Aston spoke to Alan Kennedy, executive director at Road Safety GB to discuss about the campaign and research in further detail.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash