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Age UK volunteer sets up ‘Joy Club’ for retirees

3rd June 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

A new retiree membership club is making fulfilling, active retirement affordable for older people across the UK.

It’s called The Joy Club, a club designed to bring retirees together in an affordable way. It was founded by Hannah Thomson whose grandmother was diagnosed with dementia in 2015 and sadly passed away just before the first lockdown. Hannah watched the quality of her grandmother’s life decrease as a result of an age-related illness, and she became determined to improve the lives of older people.

An Age UK volunteer, Hannah spent months speaking to experts and listening to the stories of over 100 older people from all different walks of life, and found that, sadly, an enjoyable retirement seems like an unaffordable – and unattainable – dream for many. And so to combat this, The Joy Club was born. Members can enjoy all manner of activities, from exercise classes and singing groups, to creative writing masterclasses and expert talks, all while tackling loneliness and staying active as part of a vibrant member community. Members discover personalised activity ideas but also unlock exclusive discounts enabling them to do more for less.

Aston spoke to Hannah Thomson.