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Listen: Dating in Black History Month

6th October 2021
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Getting ready for a date probably gives us all the same feelings – the butterflies in our tummies, the panic about what to wear through to the hopes and aspirations that this person could be ‘the one’.

But according to black British people – they also experience concern about where they are going. Questions like “will it be safe?”, “will we be made to feel welcome?” and “do I know anyone who has been before?” are of equal importance.

According to research by dating app, Bumble, this prejudice or hostility, which manifests as everything from microaggressions to judgmental looks or comments or feelings of unwelcomeness, causes 1 in 3 (36%) Black people to cancel a date because they are anxious about the venue.

Johnny spoke to Georgina Lawton, Author and Campaigner, during Black History Month to find out what needs to change across the UK: