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Autism show – August 2020

7th August 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Daytime presented the August edition of All Things Autism In Essex programme. Anna Kennedy OBE and Aston spoke about how the charity has been impacted by COVID-19.

Anna Kennedy OBE pt 1
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 2
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 3
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 4

Anna and Aston were joined by two guests today.

First guest was autism campaigner and Anna Kennedy Online ambassador who spoke about how lockdown has impacted him personally and also spoke his campaigning that he has done.

Phil Wills

Second guest was life coach, therapist and founder of Ollie And His Super Powers Alison Knowles who spoke about how she has coped in lockdown regarding therapy, how she first met Anna and also about Ollie And His Super Powers.

Alison Knowles

Anna Kennedy OBE had this to say after the programme:

“Always a pleasure to be co hosting ‘All things Autism in Essex’ with my charity Ambassador Aston Avery. We are both grateful to Gateway for giving us the opportunity to raise further awareness and acceptance for the autism community. Our guests this month were Phill Wills another of my Charity Ambassadors from Truro. Phill’s son Josh is on the autism spectrum and Phill spoke about their difficult journey as a family travelling 200 miles to see his son in Birmingham in hospital at the ATU. Phillip Wills is an Autism Light because he is advocating for the need for a treatment facility to be developed closer to Cornwall to help those with severe autism like his son Josh. Even though it would be constructed too late for Joshua to use, Phillip Wills hopes Josh’s story and his advocacy will make a difference in the lives of other autism families in the United Kingdom who may face similar challenges in the future.

Our second guest was Alison Dawes Knowles she is a practising emotional therapist, author of the Ollie and his Super Powers series, public speaker and creator of the Ollie Model. Ali’s strength is the unique way she views the world and her instinctive ability to empower you or your child to find the solutions from within.

Alison Knowles, author of the series of Ollie and his Super Powers children’s books and creator of the Ollie model is the joint owner of Subconquest Ltd which provides group coaching and individual therapy designed specifically for your needs, specialising in working with children. Subconquest also trains and manages Ollie Coaches across the UK. 

Both our guests spoke about life in Lock-down and how they are adapting to the new normal. Anna shared about how the charity is thinking out of the box providing worshops online and ‘Talking All things Autism’ with her special guests. Information on the charity website.”

All Things Autism in Essex special will return on Thursday 3rd September.