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Brits urged to “speak more dog” to help the nations pets adapt to busier lives

26th May 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Pet-loving Brits are being encouraged to get clued up on ‘dog language’, as experts reveal the benefits of canine communication to tackle growing pet anxiety.

With many of us leading busier work and social lives, pet distress is developing into a major issue. In fact, a survey by MORE THAN insurance shows that four in ten (39%) dog owners have seen their pets become more anxious due to their routines changing since lockdown restrictions have eased, rising to nearly three in five (57%) owners who bought a puppy during the pandemic.

Busier dog walking routes (38%), increased socialising without their pets (32%) and spending more time at work (31%) were the most cited causes for dog anxiety, according to the research. Of those who reported increased anxiety in their dogs, one in four (25%) said it was due to them welcoming more visitors inside their home and garden.

Aston spoke to animal behaviourist expert Karen Wild.

Photo by Andreas Wagner on Unsplash