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Dr Zoe Williams on NHS campaign to raise awareness for mental health

17th December 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

With coronavirus having a significant impact on the nation’s mental health, the NHS is urging anyone suffering with mental health issues to seek help as part of its Help Us, Help You campaign.

Our anxiety has increased, with around half of us reporting high levels at the start of lockdown, according to Office of National Statistics (ONS) data which also shows that one in five adults were likely to experience some form of depression during the pandemic.

As part of its ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign, the NHS is urging people with mental health issues to seek help, reassuring them they aren’t a burden and that the NHS can see them safely.

Aston spoke to GP and media medic Dr Zoe Williams to tell us more about the latest NHS mental health campaign and what to do if your or someone you know needs support.