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GP discusses new coronavirus information campaign

9th September 2020
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

A new science based public information campaign Hands. Face. Space will be launched ahead of winter to highlight how everyone can help to stop the spread of the virus by remembering to wash their hands, cover their face and make space. 

As part of this campaign, a new video is being released to show exactly how coronavirus spreads indoors. With people expected to spend more time inside during the winter, the film – produced with the help of scientific experts – encourages the public to follow simple steps to reduce the risk of infection.

Through a scientifically based reconstruction of everyday scenarios the film shows how the interactions between people, surfaces and the air spreads the virus. The film also reflects how coronavirus spreads through droplets that come out of our nose and mouth. This is a powerful reminder to the public of the importance of remaining aware of their surroundings and following the guidance. The video can be viewed here.

While coronavirus deaths have significantly reduced, the virus is still circulating in communities and impacting people of all ages across the UK. ‘Hands. Face. Space’ are simple but vital behaviours that have the power to potentially protect the public from both the short and potential long-term impact of coronavirus. The compelling evidence combined with expert recommendations around Hands. Face. Space includes:

  1. Washing your hands regularly
  2. Wearing a face covering in appropriate scenarios
  3. Being aware of others not in your household and managing your space as much as possible

Johnny spoke to GP, Dr Amir Khan: