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How to de-clutter and do-up your home to benefit your mental health

13th January 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

They say a tidy home equals a tidy mind – but so many of us are living in cluttered, cramped and unsuitable homes after having to re-arrange our spaces to become makeshift offices, schools, gyms and a host of other facilities to accommodate our tier-determined routines and lockdown lifestyles.

In fact, two thirds of us (66%) admit to having clutter in our homes, according to new research from Homebase, as the average home dedicates nearly 50 square feet to clutter they have accumulated – with 27.6 million homes in the UK, that’s the equivalent to over 17,000 football pitches worth of space in our homes lost to mess and clutter.

This clutter has had even more of an impact on our feelings and emotions during lockdown, leading some to feel like everything is getting on top of them (23%), causing them to be in a bad mood (22%) or even giving them anxiety (20%). What’s more, as a result of our homes having to become multi-functional and the clutter piling up, one in six (16%) people admit they have fallen out of love with their homes during lockdown and more than a quarter (29%) feel their home in its current state no longer works for them.

Aston spoke to interior therapist Suzanne Roynon who provided her expert advice on how you can do-up your space and cleanse your home of any triggers that may be keeping you from enjoying and using your space in the way you should.

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash