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Lockdown has increased dog thefts and impulse buying of pups

11th December 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Research published today reveals that pet theft increased by 46% and that pups bought on impulse during the pandemic rose by 34%.

According to research by SmartBones – at  the height of lockdown more than 1000 people tried to buy every Cavapoo puppy that was on sale.  They now outstrip Cockapoos as the UK’s most popular pup.

Stats from the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance back up the research and in fact they paint a more gloomy picture. They say dog theft is currently up by 70% on last year and with a maximum fine of £250 even when the dog is still missing there’s no deterrent.

But the lockdown has had some positive benefits for dogs and their pets!

One in three dog owners say they and their pet were happier in lockdown, their dog kept them sane, stopped them feeling lonely and made exercise more fun.

Aston spoke to Beverley Cuddy, editor at Dogs Today and vet Kellie Ceccarelli to discuss the research in further detail and also about the SmartBones compition to find Britian’s Smiliest Dog.

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Photo by Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash