Nation finds exercise takes the weight off their mind

8th January 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

After a significant year for the history books, a new study has found that millions of Brits have turned to exercise as a way to keep them sane.

More than a third of all adults have exercised more in the past year than before, while almost half say they have kept active as a coping mechanism to preserve their mental wellbeing throughout the crisis. While you might think the majority of Brits work out to improve their body fitness and keep the weight off (43%), almost as many now do it to keep their mind fit (41%), active nutrition brand bulk™ finds. 

Before the first national lockdown in March, only 63% of exercising Brits saw improved mental health as a core benefit of exercise. That number has now risen to 72% and over half of Brits are now more likely to exercise for their mental health and wellbeing than they have in the past. Looking back at the lockdowns, 54% of Brits now say that the lockdowns have made them think more positively about exercising. 

Aston spoke to performance coach Jamil Qureshi and Elliot Dawes, chief growth officer at Bulk to discuss these new findings and talk about the how Brits have changed their attitudes towards exercising and looking after themselves.

Photo by Sporlab on Unsplash