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Winter period leaves Brits at risk of mental heath issues

6th December 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Millions of Brits are being told get outdoors and brave the rain and cold to boost their mental health this winter. One in three adults say they are feeling more miserable and stressed this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and are spending more time cooped up at home. 

While we’re stuck in a second lockdown, getting outside to exercise is more important than ever before but the recent study comparing motivations in lockdown 1.0 vs 2.0 commissioned by sportswear company Reebok, has found that a whopping 61% of people in England aren’t motivated to stay fit this time round, when 71% were motivated in the first lockdown.

Experts warn of a winter of health problems building up this year because people haven’t been able to get to gyms and so exercising outside is the only option.

Aston spoke to Tyrone Brennand, personal trainer, fitness expert, founder of Be The Fittest and Reebok ambassador to discuss how exercising outdoors whatever the weather can have a double whammy benefit on mood, health and happiness.

Photo by Sporlab on Unsplash