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Basildon Borough Council Election

2nd May 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

There were 14 wards and 15 seats being contested in the election to Basildon Borough Council on the 3rd May. Billericay West is the only ward with two seats being contested, one being the by-election following the death of Cllr Horgan.

The overall picture for Basildon has been four Conservative losses, one excellent result in Nethermayne for Geoff Williams’  who bucked the dismal trend for the Lib Dems by holding his seat. The party that probably emerges feeling the most satisfied must be UKIP which will feel it is no longer a fringe party.

The Tories have lost Anne Blake, Andrew Baggott  and Frank Tomlin, all experienced and valued figures. Luke MacKenzie lost Vange in what for him must be a year to forget: first being punched by an MP when he was at the House of Commons and now losing his ward and place as the youngest Councillor.

The following list shows, in alphabetical order by ward, the names of candidates, their party allegiances, votes cast for them and their percentage share of the vote..

Billericay East: turnout 29%

Horn, Nigel John   (Liberal Democrat) 316, 12%
McCaffery, Susan   (UKIP) 409, 16%%
Reid, Patricia   (Labour) 383, 15%
Sullivan, Stuart Brian   (Conservative) 1502, 58%

Billericay West: turnout 29%

Bennett Santa Nina   (Labour) 380, 8%
Buxton Andrew Charles   (Labour) 257, 5%
Gandy Teremce Charles   (UKIP) 574, 12%
James John   (Liberal Democrat) 321, 7%
Lawrence Daniel   (Conservative) 1648, 34%
Turner Philip Charles   (Conservative) 1688, 35%

Burstead: turnout 28%

McDonald Elaine   (Labour) 359, 15%
Moore Richard Andrew   (Conservative) 1517, 63%
Williams Bengamin Paul   (Liberal Democrat) 155, 6%
Young Cherry   (UKIP) 396, 16%

Crouch:  turnout 23%

Allen Stuart Johns   (Conservative) 888, 61%
Davies Sarah Elizabeth   (Labour) 299, 20%
Starling Graham Robert   (UKIP) 279, 19%

Fryerns: turnout 21%

Arnold Tina   (Conservative) 399, 20%
Brown Adele Jane   (Labour) 1097, 55%
Lutton Arnold   (Liberal Democrat) 137, 7%
Sheppard David John   (UKIP) 366, 18%

Laindon Park: turnout 25%

Ellis Mark   (UKIP) 388, 19%
Grant Colin   (Liberal Democrat) 61, 3%
Harms Tony   (The British Freedom Party) 87, 4%
Scarola John Peter Richard   (Labour) 867, 41%
Tomlin Frank   (Conservative) 691, 33%

If, as the Tories suggest, the UKIP vote is a measure of temporarily disaffected Tories wishing to give the Government a gentle kick, then it would follow that those Tory voters had merely succeeded in giving the ward to Labour; hardly the result they would have wanted.

Langdon Hills: turnout 30%

Ager Andy   (UKIP) 377, 18%
Grant Liz   (Liberal Democrat) 108, 5%
Hillier Stephen   (Conservative) 879, 43%
Ing Matthew   (Independent) 44, 2%
Taylor Jenefer Anne   (Labour) 651, 32%

This result is something of a damp squib victory for the Tories who may well have expected something better but for the rumbling row over who must pay for pipework. Unfortunate timing for Stephen!

Lee Chapel North: turnout 22%

Beaney Thomas Frank   (National Front Putting Britain First) 107, 6%
Ferguson Frank   (UKIP) 359, 18%
Gordon Lynda Doreen   (Labour) 1048, 54%
Nice Steve   (Liberal Democrat) 85, 4%
Rimmer Craig Ronald   (Conservative) 343, 18%

Nethermayne: turnout 

Nandanwar Swatantra Dhanraj   (Labour) 578, 23%
Schrader Andrew Peter   (Conservative)427, 17%
Smith Kerry James Daryl Luke   (UKIP) 573, 23%
Williams Geoff    (Liberal Democrat) 899, 36%
X None Of The Above 36, 1%

Labour and UKIP  went after this ward thinking it vulnerable. They succeeded in dividing opposition to the popular Geoff Williams and left the Tories lagging sadly. The result — Lib Dems hold the ward despite all the appearance of Geoff having collywobbles about the outcome during the count.

Pitsea North West turnout: 

Baggott Andrew Simon   (Conservative) 564, 29%
Callaghan Gavin Dominic   (Labour) 932, 49%
Howard Martin Keith   (Liberal Democrat) 97, 5%
McBride Terry Douglas   (UKIP) 323, 17%

As the results unfolded through the evening, the strategy of putting up ‘paper candidates’ (i.e. names put in the ballot just so a party can be seen to be represented) gives rise to a question mark as to its wisdom.

Andrew Baggott had been particularly unfortunate in having the combination of an unpopular bail hostel, the Courtauld Rd waste plant, Winstree fire and issues surrounding Pitsea development plans all affecting his patch. Labour brought in a new, fresh and very active candidate so in the circumstances Mr Baggott’s 29% of the vote held up well, roughly corresponding to the 29.9% attained by the losing Tory in the 2011 elections. which all attests to good party organisation in getting helpers to canvass effectively for him.

Pitsea South East: turn out 27%

Blake Ann   (Conservative) 876, 39%
Clancy Imelda   (UKIP) 375, 16%
Howard Viv   (Liberal Democrat) 91, 4%
McGurran Aidan   (Labour) 933, 41%

A great disappointment for the Tories. The ward was fiercely fought as a key target for labour, a revitalised fighting force that has proved its effectiveness.

St. Martin’s:  turnout 22%

Low Tony Mark   (Conservative) 248, 19%
Nice Clare   (Liberal Democrat) 80, 6%
Rackley Philip William   (Labour) 759, 58%
Wood Peter Brendon   (UKIP)229, 17%

Vange: turnout 23%

Ager Becky   (UKIP) 274, 18%
Jenkins Philip Edward   (Liberal Democrat) 51, 3%
MacKenzie Luke   (Conservative) 320, 20%
Taylor Byron Kingsley   (Labour) 919, 59%

Wickford North: turnout 25%

Ede Albert Edward   (Labour) 409, 17%
Harrison Dave   (Independent) 676, 28%
Malsbury Trevor   (UKIP) 199, 8%
Morris Carole   (Conservative) 1012, 42%
Smith Stephen Leonard   (English Democrats – Putting England First) 94, 4%