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Basildon Council Major Job Cut Backs

21st August 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Basildon Council have announced that as part of the major cost-cutting plans, top jobs in the council are under threat.

Positions have already been merged and members of staff at the council have taken early retirement leave. An estimated £100,000 will be saved by merging the two executive roles with other roles in the council.

The cut backs will concern all members of the public, as a reduced work force will mean reduced services provided. 100 council jobs have been lost since 2011. Members of the council will feel under threat, with the possibility of further cut backs in the forthcoming months.

Community centre services and activities for the elderly and youth are also believed to face severe cut backs or privatisation.

Basildon Council have targeted to save £6.2 million by 2015/2016.