Basildon at 70!

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2019 is a very exciting year for our ‘new’ town – it is turning 70. Not so new anymore, eh!

To celebrate, lots is taking place between now and December. We will be out and about speaking to residents, of all ages, about their earliest memories of Basildon.

Celebrations have already begun and Councillor Kevin Blake, Deputy Leader of Basildon Council and Chairman of the Leisure, Culture and Environment Committee, said: “We’re committed to working together with the community to make Basildon’s 70th birthday an occasion to remember, with celebrations taking place throughout this very special year.

“It’s important that we leave a legacy behind for future generations and take the opportunity to look forward, thinking about how Basildon may look in decades to come.”


What Gateway has been up to:

  • We’ve been speaking to residents at Mundy House about their memories of Basildon – hear what they have said by clicking here.
  • We’ve made a special birthday message, listen here:

If you have any early memories, or stories, about Basildon, we’d love you to get in touch! Email [email protected], be sure to include ‘Basildon at 70’ in your email to make sure it gets to the right people!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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