Westgate car park SCANDAL continues

Johnny JenkinsBasildon3 Comments

Basildon Westgate car park has been attracting attention for all of the wrong reasons this year. There has been further scandal after the discovery that the management company – Smart Parking UK has no planning permission for the site, despite dishing out thousands of unfair parking fines.

Johnny Jenkins spoke to councillor Andrew Gordon about the breaking news:

3 Comments on “Westgate car park SCANDAL continues”

  1. I got a fine from these after merely waiting to pick up my husband, didn’t even step foot outside the car. Appealed and the charge was wiped. No way I was paying them, rip off merchants.

  2. We drove into car park to pick up grandaughter, we were parked for 13 minutes and got £45 fine. No wonder shops in Basildon are closing down. We will go to lakeside in future where parking is free. Should at least have 15 minutes free time to allow for pickups.

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