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Dale Farm Updates

29th September 2011
Posted by Gateway 97.8

The decision on the Dale Farm judicial review is not due until Tuesday at the earliest.

It looks as though the Dale Farm hearing will continue Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon.

Also, reports say Labour leader Ed Miliband says the law must be upheld but he is critical of Basildon Council’s handling of evictions.

Tony Ball said “I believe we have acted incredibly tolerantly and sensitively to the situation and I have indeed received criticism in some quarters for dealing with the situation too sensitively. What more does Mr Miliband think we could have done, and does he believe we should uphold the law or not?

“This latest statement from Mr Miliband is clearly about grabbing headlines and trying to please everyone by firstly agreeing that ‘yes’ the law should be upheld, yet criticising us for doing just that.”