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Essex teen named ‘Britain’s safest driver’

8th July 2015
Posted by Chris Tiernan

A teenager from Essex has been named as Britain’s safest young driver.

Emma Clancy, from Eastwood had a ‘black-box’ fitted by her insurance company in her VW Beetle to monitor her driving.

Since having the box fitted the 18 year old has scored a perfect 100 score for speed, acceleration, braking and cornering. As a result of her fantastic driving, insurer Ingeni cut her insurance bill by 21 per cent meaning the teen was able to save almost £400 on her premium.

Miss Clancy said: “I take driving seriously and ensure I am always looking ahead, so that I can take necessary actions within the time I have.

“I feel safe and happy I am going to be able to drive my passengers safely, and think that they will feel safe while I am driving them.”

The insurer takes the information from driver’s black boxes to monitor driving habits and gives them feedback every ten days. The overall score for each driver is then used to reward safe driving with discounts on their premiums.

Emma is thrilled to have been given the title and said: “Being named the safest driver has made me feel confident and proud about the way I drive. I check my feedback when I receive it. It shows me how I’ve been driving and how to keep it up.”

Insurance company, Ingeni said that they’re happy to reward Emma the title and that all feedback for the Essex team has been extremely positive.


Image courtesy of the Echo.