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Don’t be the donut in the room this Deaf Awareness Week

7th May 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

National charity Action on Hearing Loss is marking Deaf Awareness Week 2019 by encouraging people in Essex to learn more about  deafness and how they can be deaf aware.

It’s ‘Don’t be a Donut, Be Deaf Aware’ campaign is highlighting the awkward things people say to those living with deafness and hearing loss, shining a light on the many misconceptions some people have. The charity will be sharing numerous personal stories from supporters throughout the week including the one testing a man’s disability by asking to ‘try on’ his hearing aid and an airport insisting that a deaf woman must use a wheelchair. The campaign aims to encourage those with all levels of deafness and hearing loss to join the conversation by sharing their own stories about the awkward s things that have been said to them about their condition – ultimately highlighting why greater deaf awareness is so important.

Mark Atkinson, Chief Executive at Action on Hearing Loss, said:

“These stories highlight the fact that despite there being 11 million people in the UK with various levels of hearing loss, there is still a widespread lack of awareness among the general public about hearing conditions and the people who live with them.

“By highlighting these misconceptions we would like encourage people to reconsider their own attitudes and preconceptions and no longer be the ‘donut’ in the room.”

The charity hopes to show the world how important it is to be deaf aware and asks supporters to get involved by sharing their own stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #DontBeADonut #BeDeafAware.

To find out more about Action on Hearing Loss’ Deaf Awareness Week campaign, Don’t be a Donut, please visit:

Image: Samantha Baines, who is a hearing aid wearer and comedian/actress.