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Gold Jewellery Bulgaries and Crime Prevention

24th September 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Essex Police is appealing for information about three recent burglaries in Basildon, and also warning people not to keep very valuable luxury items such as jewellery at home, however well hidden you might believe it to be.

On Tuesday September 18, three burglaries took place in Basildon, each was carried out in daytime, with entry through the rear of the houses, smashing securely locked doors and windows. In each case the houses were completely ransacked, with furniture and fittings smashed in every room until valuable gold jewellery was found.

It is sometimes customary for families to keep high value gold or other jewellery “safe” at home, but these crimes show that nowhere is safe in an ordinary house. If you have high value or indeed sentimental value jewellery or other special items that you cannot afford to lose, then please keep these in a bank or other safety deposit storage, not at home. Criminals may target your home for various reasons, and no hiding place at home is completely safe.

The burglaries took place in Winfred Road, Clayburn Circle and Takely Ride in Basildon. Anyone with information is asked please to contact Dc Julie Dennis or her colleagues at Basildon Police on 101, or you can leave information anonymously with Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.