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Let's Talk Basildon meetings

12th September 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Basildon Council are hosting a number of ‘Let’s Talk Basildon’ meetings with local residents to discuss the services and facilities they feel are most important to the community. The events have been called to discuss the council’s priorities and allow residents, councillors and officers to commmunicate with one another.

The first meeting took place in Billericay on Saturday 8th September. Residents were offered questionnaires to fill out in order to express their opinions to the Basildon council leader, Tony Ball, and other council officers.

Basildon Council leader Tony Ball and chief executive Bala Mahendran have announced that the council need to make sevire cuts in order to support the Governments £18million budget cut across the country.
Basildon Council spend an estimated £30million on services for residents such as, waste collection, housing support and benefits. However, in the current economic climate, Basildon council are unable to provide the the same services to the public.

Further Let’s Talk Basildon meetings are to take place in Wickford, Nevendon Park Saturday 15th September (Midday to 5pm) and Basildon Town Centre Saturday 22nd September (10am to 4pm). For more information visit