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Dartford Crossing toll increase

5th September 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Motorists who use The Dartford Crossing are set to see another rise in prices next month, followed by a further increase in 2014.

The Department of transport have announced that car charges will be increased by 50p on Sunday, 7 October. This will mean that it will cost each car £2 to cross from Thurrock to Kent. Light goods vehicles will be charged at £2.50 and HGVs will cost £5.

The crossing which at least 150,000 motorists use every day will see a further price increase in 2014 when the free-flow charging is introduced. It will cost £2.50 for each car to cross, £3 for light goods vehicles and HGVs £6.

The crossing will remain free for all motorists, motorcycles and HGVs between 10pm and 6am. Residents who live in Thurrock will also be able to purchase a dart tag for £10, which will allow them to cross the bridge 50 times.

The Department of transport justify the price increase, which will bring in at least £300,000 a day, as an investment for future upgrades of the infrastructure.