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FTW ‘Loveshot’ out now!

1st April 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

The UK’s number one new boy band!

The Good Afternoon show on Wednesday 21st March, saw Jack Sullivan being joined in the studio by FTW, who exploded onto the scene in 2011 by injecting personality back into pop.

FTW have spent the last year touring the UK with a string of promotional dates appearing alongside other artists.

Callum: “FTW stands for ‘For The Weekend’, because when we first put ourselves together, we could only get together at the weekend’s, because of work and uni and stuff.”

Me: “So not anything like, For The Woman or nothing like that then?”

Tom: “For The Woman!”

All together: “We’ve been alongside The Saturdays, Example, Alexandra Burke, Joe McElderry, McFly plus former X Factor winners and finalists. Tom’s favourite as well, Diva Fever.”

The boy band are now preparing to take the music industry by storm with their debut single ‘Loveshot’, and their demand is very high! Radio roadshows, festivals and live PA’s at some of the country’s top venues under their belt, I’m sure everyone will be remembering this band by the end of the year!

With international bookings, sponsorship endorsements and national media interest, they are already guaranteed to be majorly successful.


So who are FTW?

Tom, Kyle, Callum and Jake (from left to right in featured image)

  • Tom, 24 years old – A proud Scouse and festival fanatic who believes that him and Mollie from The Saturday’s will be the next A list couple.

Kyle: “Tom couldn’t keep his mouth shut.”

  • Kyle, 22 years old – The self confessed fast-food addict and practical joker of the band, originating from Blackpool. He may be the youngest of the band but he’s certainly comes across as the most confident one of them all.

Kyle: “I do! I love McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Nando’s…”

Tom: “Black Card! Black Card!”

  • Callum, 24 years old – He loves going out with his mates and lives for his lads holidays. Callum, who is from Manchester, has a big thing for movies and I’m sure that any film you name to him, he has already seen it.

Callum: “I don’t think I’ll be able to go on one this year, as we’re really busy, but you never know, we might tag along.”

  • Jake, 23 years old – The loud and lively one of them all and he’s always got a smile on his face. The 6’4 Brummie will always have his dry humour and quick comebacks.

Jake: “I’m always happy most of the time.”

So how did the band meet and get together?

FTW are all from different areas and met through friends of friends via social media sites and starting developing the band whilst doing their full time jobs and university courses.

Kyle: “One time, we all met at Manchester and started talking about music and other things, started making a friendship at first and thought, do you know what, why don’t we try and sing together.”


Jake: “We had our first big event and gig in Birmingham, and since then been represented by major labels. We’re now into doing our 72 day tour.”

It has been quite hard for them though, living in different cities, only meeting up every weekend to rehearse and write new material, pretty hectic stuff!

The beginning of this week was a big night for the band!

Jake: “We went to our first premiere of Street Dance 2 on Monday, which was amazing!”


How did they get to where they are today?

The band contacted a number of events by sending them a demo of themselves, and before they knew it, they very quickly secured their first gig, and this was without even having a band name at all! And after a successful debut, they signed to a major management company and toured their show across the UK.

These are definitely real lads who live for the weekend!

Kyle: “We’re not trying to be like anyone else, we are FTW.”
Jake: “Everyone knows someone like us, normal lads in their twenties who are real, we’re definitely not manufactured.”


Loveshot – debut single

‘Loveshot’ is the debut single from FTW which is released through Universial and is available to order from iTunes and all good download sites now.

Kyle: “You know when you see a guy on TV talking about yeah I’m a player, got so many girls… But we’re all actually admitting we are all after this one girl and she’s actually done something which makes us all go, oh my god!” And we don’t want to admit it, but she’s pretty much got us, we’re ‘Loveshot’ over that one girl!”

The band are at the moment doing a 72 day tour across the UK, visiting radio stations such as Gateway 97.8, nightclubs, and events.

FTW Loveshot Promotion


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