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Good Afternoon on the 13th of April

12th April 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Wining and dining is the theme of the programme this afternoon, most of us are aware of the huge number of TV programmes devoted to cooking in the hope that we will be inspired to experiment with more adventurous menus, at least that is what I assume they are hoping to achieve? All of that said, This trend has heralded the rise of the TV chef who have become celebrities in their own right. Names like, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, James Martin, Raymond Blanc and of course the late Keith Floyd to name but a few. We all remember the tag line from Master Chef, “Cooking doesn’t get any tougher than this”.

Cooking programmes have come a long way since the days of Fanny and Johnnie Craddock
It is therefore my pleasure to welcome to Gateway restaurateur Andrew Hemmingway, who owns what has been described as the best little restaurant in Essex, quite a claim to fame, Andrew trained under Anthony Worrel Thompson and since opening his restaurant has had a  very close association with the world renown chef Michel Roux.
Eating out is no big deal these days, with countless offerings from a huge number of eating establishments, fast food chains offer a staggering variety and ethnic Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine also add a an exciting dimension to our diverse tastes.
So why go to a restaurant for a meal? A special occasion perhaps? Maybe not, I will be asking Andrew that question and also how he sees the future of so called destination restaurants where the whole experience is second only to the food and wine Also Andrew offers the opportunity to learn from his experience as well, find out more this Friday the 13th of April with me Steve Gallant after 1pm
Callers are welcome on 01268 833978 phone or text. alternatively e-mail the studio at [email protected]
Join me if you can and find out which restaurant I am referring to.
Picture: Charles Moyer, Andrew Hemingway the chef and me!