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Good Afternoon to you

30th March 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8
After 1pm today my guest will be Jon Aarons, Jon has been on the show before and has spoken about financial matters, that being his area of expertise, but today he will be sharing his thoughts and ideas on China as a land of opportunity, for Europeans willing to take the plunge into a  very different culture. Jon is about to embark on a prolonged business trip lasting several months, he will be helping Chinese companies understand western ways as well as learning a lot about how the Chinese operate as well. Join me today after 1pm for China the land of opportunity on Gateway 97.8.
All this and great music to ease you into the weekend as well as regular travel updates.
Contact details should you wish to take part or ask a question are: or phone/text the studio on 01268 833978
Look forward to your company.
Steve G.