Battle of the Bands Showcase

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Battle of the Bands 2011 is coming to you soon!
But who’s going through to the finals?

Join Dewey D & Rik Moran on Sunday 20th and Sunday 27th March for two Battle of the Bands showcases.
Tune into Gateway 97.8 from 4pm untill 8pm to hear the artists, and find out who will make it through.

Sunday 20th March:
* Green Mile
* The Fiftyfours
* The Human Soundtrack
* Some were Satallites
* Blur in Blue
* Emy’s Parade
* Heroes on Weekends
* Vacant Touch

Sunday 27th March
* Iyus
* False Heads
* Abbey Rogue
* Ajay and the Incident
* The Ends
* Afterglow
* Stratus

Tune in and find out who will go through to the final on the 1st April (In aid of St.Lukes Hospice)

Tickets are now on sale for the final, available at

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