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2 in 5 Brits actively avoiding social occasions this Christmas because of hearing

19th December 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

New national research finds that 53% of Brits have issues with hearing in group situations over Christmas, either personally or with a close family member.

The new study, commissioned by MED-EL, launches prior to Christmas and highlights the extra pressures felt by those affected by loss of hearing in Christmas situations, such as during family dinners. On average, the study shows that loss of hearing can cause additional Christmas stress for over half of British families who want to accommodate their hard of hearing relatives.

The findings showed that 44% of Brits will skip festive social occasions altogether because of hearing issues, missing key events with family and friends over the holiday. As well as this, over a third (39%) say that they have felt left out in group situations because they could not hear.

Aston spoke to Ben Meredith, senior clinical specialist at Med-El and Ruth Mullinen, case study from Derbyshire to discuss the research in further detail and they were also on hand to offer advice and tips.