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Brits have damaged their feet by wearing ill-fitting shoes

4th March 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Nearly 30 million Brits have damaged their feet by wearing ill-fitting shoes, so much so they found it uncomfortable to walk afterwards. Bunions, blisters and hard skin are just some of the common foot problems reported. One in five, meanwhile, haven’t had their feet measured in TEN YEARS or more, leading to millions having no idea what their shoe size truly is.

Another one in eight adults knowingly wear the wrong size shoes despite the agony they cause – simply because they like the style and nearly a third have shoes they describe as ‘sit down shoes’ only – that they can’t actually walk in.

A new study, by Hotter, highlights how millions of adults are wearing poorly fitting shoes which can result in back and neck problems. It found Brits will wear uncomfortable shoes two days each month – adding up to more than three weeks over a year.

Aston spoke to Dina Gohil, podiatrist to discuss the research in further detail.