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Environmental issues ranked only second to healthcare

5th December 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

We’re a nation proud of our rolling landscapes, national parks and countryside; so it’s no wonder that the environment and the threat it’s under is a topic that seems to unify us all, even at a time when political turbulence is causing divisions. 81% of us say we worry about the environment, with around two thirds of us (67%) saying we’ve become more concerned over the last ten years.

While healthcare was cited as the issue that people were the most concerned about (56%), the environment tied with Brexit (46%) for second place in the list of things that we believe require urgent attention. Fuelled by fears about the impact of climate change, habitat loss and pollution in our landscapes, skies and oceans, we now rank the environment as more important than the economy, crime and education.

Aston spoke to Fanny Calder, director of campaigns and public affairs at WWF to discuss more about the environmental fight.