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Heating systems and the environment

14th February 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

With the new year well underway many of us want to become even more environmentally friendly, but do not know where to start. New research shows that an overwhelming 93% of the population does not check that their heating provider is environmentally friendly and a further 72% of people are not considering the environment when leaving their heating on at home.

According to Gov UK, a third of the UK’s carbon emissions come from the energy used to produce heat, which is produced by burning fossil fuels. Yet, 84% of people believe that their heating system is not damaging the environment. This challenges the common belief that car use and agricultural farming are standalone contributors to worsening carbon emissions and highlights the need to change the way we heat our homes.

A shocking 66% of people in the UK admit their heating does not work well and 76% of people do not understand how their heating system works. This means there is not only room to gradually change our heating systems to more environmentally friendly ones, but it emphasizes that people up and down the UK need to be educated on their heating systems and what their impact on the environment is.

Aston spoke to Jeff House, head of external affairs at BAXI Heating UK to discuss about the innovation and also about the research in further detail.