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Human names on brink of extinction see revival amongst dogs

5th December 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Dogs are often considered to be fully-fledged members of the family in Britain, so choosing a name for our canines can often be as difficult as it is choosing a moniker for our children. Our dogs and the names we give them are part of our self-expression, it’s therefore no surprise that influence comes from the things that Brits love most.

With Brits still glued to the Brexit debate in 2019, some pet owners are choosing to reflect their political allegiances through their four-legged friends.Latest data analysis from over one million pet owners released today by found that in the battle of the political pawtys, Jeremy and Jo have proven to be more popular (+100% each) than Boris (+12%). Globally, all three names are trending suggesting the UK’s turbulent political scene is having an impact beyond our shores.

Aston spoke to Louise Glazebrook, dog behaviourist expert for rover to discuss the research and talk about the most popular names in the UK in 2019 andsharing her top tips for naming your dog.