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Mark Watson on Gateway 97.8

23rd January 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Data-obsessed Brits spend 183 hours a year tracking everything from our finances to our daily steps and screen time to sleep. However, when it comes to our energy use, 76% have no idea how much we use around the house and 40% admitted it is the aspect of their life they know least about, according to new research from Smart Energy GB.

With 42% saying they want to do more to save the planet, energy usage still comes last (11%) in the top factors Brits track about their lives, with the top ten being:

1.      Steps & movement (51 per cent)

2.      Fitness (39 per cent)

3.      Heart rate (34 per cent)

4.      Sleep (25 per cent)

5.      Weight (24 per cent)

6.      Diet (22 per cent)

7.      Screen time (19 per cent)

8.      Finances/budgets/spending/investments (17 per cent)

9.      Data usage (15 per cent)

10.  Locations visited (12 per cent)

Aston spoke to Mark Watson, comedian and author and Fleur Lawton from Smart Energy GB to discuss why our energy usage is the missing part of our lifestyle and how it can be tracked using a smart meter to help us all become more energy efficient.