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Myths and misconceptions around electric vehicles

26th November 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The interest in low and zero emission cars is growing with motorists seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and running costs and sales of purely electric cars up by 151% in October, however almost one fifth (18%) of petrol and diesel car owners are put off going electric because they’re worried about driving in adverse weather conditions such as a lighting storm, research from Hyundai has revealed.

It is undeniable that modern Eco-friendly cars are good for the environment, with 58% of car drivers seeing this as the No 1 benefit.  Being cheap to run is important for 45% of electric, hydrogen and hybrid car drivers and 32% of petrol or diesel car drivers.

Aston spoke to Sylvie Childs, senior product manager at Hyundai and Gary Lamb, British School of Motoring driving instructor to discuss the misconceptions and the myths around and benefits of electric and alternatively fuelled cars.