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Nation’s favourite festive tipples revealed

23rd December 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

They say “Tis the season to be jolly” and for many Brits that’s exactly what they have in mind when it comes to celebrating Christmas with their family and friends. Whether it’s the works do, the whole family getting together or the big day itself, its beer that tops the list as the nation’s No 1 drink. It’s closely followed by some more traditional festive favorites- red wine, prosecco, Irish cream and a warming glass of mulled wine.

Across the nation, Brummies are the most likely to get the corks popping with a glass of Champagne this Christmas (21%) compared to Bristolians who are more likely to be found with glass of mulled wine (22%) to celebrate. Despite its name, Irish cream is most likely to be drunk in Wales and although Scotland is synonymous with whisky, prosecco is most popular in Glasgow compared to other cities.

Aston spoke to Simon Cairns, head of beer, wines & spirits at Co-op and Kate Goodman, drinks expert to discuss what drinks we should be serving up this Christmas and the last-minute buys that will impress your party guests.