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Rav Wilding on Gateway 97.8

5th December 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

On average, Brits have packed up and headed to the same holiday spot five times. But one in ten have been back to the same place FIFTEEN times or more. The study, commissioned by ebookers, also found more than three quarters don’t just go back to the same places time and again, they also enjoy the same activities.

The research also found one in five are stuck in a holiday rut because it takes the stress out of planning where to go, whilst 13% return to already-seen places because the kids enjoy it. A quarter want to go somewhere they know will have bars and restaurants they enjoy, and 35% want guaranteed sunshine.

Most popular destinations to re-visit are Spain, USA, and France. When returning to a country they’ve already been to, an adventurous 32% will try a new town or city but a staid 34% will go back to the same resort. One in five have ended up in a row with their partner because they couldn’t agree whether to go somewhere new or stick with the tried-and-trusted destination.

Aston spoke to Rav Wilding, TV presenter and thrill seeker to discuss the research in further detail and also about the new technology that ebookers have released.