Resurgence in love of Jigsaws marks World Puzzle Day

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Though the traditional toy industry continues to face challenges, some areas are distinctly on the up.  Jigsaw puzzle sales are thriving and thousands more were left under our Christmas trees last month than in previous years (including the jigsaw Victoria Beckham had made for husband David Beckham featuring their children), whilst HM The Queen has been a long term fan.

In fact, the latest industry data showed adult puzzle sales up around 10% for the total market, with one of the world’s leading puzzle manufacturers, Ravensburger, seeing a huge 14% growth in adult 2D puzzle sales in the UK (NPD £ full year 2019). Just as adult colouring has taken the world by storm, more adults are returning to jigsaws as they are no longer considered a lazy Christmas afternoon activity.

Aston spoke to Emma Kenny, TV psychologist to discuss the positive benefits to our health of doing jigsaws. Aston also spoke Sarah Stevens, puzzle development expert from Ravensburger to discuss world puzzle day and the impacts of the sales within the puzzle industry today.  

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