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Sober Christmas

9th December 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Christmas is typically an indulgent and jolly affair, often filled with endless food and drink… but as Brits become more mindful, this year things could be slightly different in the drink department. In fact, four in ten of us plan to stay completely sober this Christmas day, with a further third (32%) seriously considering it.

Half (52%) of those polled in a new survey by CEDER’S claim they’d rather have a civilised evening with pals than go on a big night out over the festive season. And when it comes to wider festivities, 68 percent of the nation’s workers even plan to stay sober at the Christmas office party; a traditionally booze-fuelled event.

The top reasons Brits are planning to drink less over Christmas this year include not wanting to embarrass yourself by drinking too much (9%), knowing that sober nights improve your mood (15%) and liking the idea of having a more mindful Christmas (17%). Little wonder then, perhaps, that more than a third (34%) of us are planning to see 2020 in with a clear head, having decided to stay sober on New Year’s Eve too.

Aston spoke to Emily Mitchell, mindfulness coach and Craig Hutchinson, founder of CEDER’s (non alcoholic gin brand) to discuss the research in further detail.