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The kitchen comfort zone

16th January 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

The new year brings with it a host of new food and drinks resolutions such as cutting down on meat intake, cooking from scratch or trying new cuisines, yet new research released today shows how nearly a quarter of people did not try cooking any new food in 2019 with 28 per cent saying they did not try any new cuisines when they went out for food.

The research commissioned by Waitrose and Partners has shown how 58 per cent of those who did not try any new food last year said it was because they like to stick to the food they know whilst 31 per cent say they do not feel inspired to try different recipes. Lack of confidence also prevents 13 per cent of Brits attempting new cuisines whilst laziness is the prime reason for 14 per cent of people. Only 26 per cent of people claim to be adventurous and openly enjoy cooking different meals frequently.

For those 77 per cent of Brits who did step out of their comfort zone and tried cooking new foods in 2019, Chinese was the most popular cuisine to try their hand at making followed by Indian. Mexican was the third most popular, Greek fourth and then Spanish taking fifth place.

Aston spoke to Leah Hyslop, deputy editor at Waitrose Foods to discuss different ways in which Brits can leave their comfort zone and get adventurous and creative with food in 2020.