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Why Brits struggle with sleep

11th March 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Never mind a hangover, bad nights’ sleep seems to be causing a cascade of regrets amongst the British public, as new research released today shows how over three quarters of Brits feel guilty for their uncharacteristic outbursts and actions after they have had a sleepless night.

The research commissioned by Bensons for Bed for Sleep Awareness Week unveils the extent to which poor sleep can affect the nation’s mood swings. 87 per cent of people surveyed admitted that lack of sleep makes them angrier, with the most common consequences being a tendency to complain more (28 per cent) and overreacting over small issues (26 per cent) when they are over tired.

Many Brits seem to be caught in this endless cycle of sleep deprivation, as when asked why they are having trouble sleeping, 25 per cent said it was because they are worried about their relationship. In fact, 14 per cent admit they are worried their relationship is suffering because they are always so tired and irritable. Meanwhile, nearly a fifth (19 per cent) actually blame their snoring partners, whilst nearly a third (29 per cent) blame work worries for their inability to drift off.

Aston spoke to Dr Sophie Bostock, sleep expert to discuss the research, explain common reasons why Brits might be struggling with their sleep and to offer advice for those who struggle to get a good night’s kip.