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Olympic gold medallist, Victoria Pendleton

22nd March 2019
Posted by Ros Connors

It can be a daunting time for parents when their child starts walking to school and venturing out by themselves or even with friends. At a time where we are trying to encourage children to be more active by walking, cycling and exercising, how can we make sure they are prepared to take on the streets safely?

In a recent report, 81% of people said that cycle training should be essential for children before they take a bike to the roads with their friends or without an adult. Halfords are working with the Bikeability Trust (The National Charity for Cycling Training) in a scheme very similar to the old Cycle Proficiency tests and is backed by the Department of Transport.

Double Olympic Cycling Gold Medallist, Victoria Pendleton CBE chatted to Ros about this call for cycling proficiency to be offered by schools, and how Halfords are working with Bikeability Trust to create increased levels of cycle-related road safety a reality:

Victoria Pendleton on Gateway