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Primrose Hill on Drivetime with Jack Sullivan

31st August 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Every once in a while, a pop band comes along that really jumps out. Maybe they look different. Maybe they sound different. Maybe their attitude is different. Maybe all three.
Primrose Hill are that band.
 They joined joined Jack Sullivan live on Drivetime between 4pm and 7pm on Wednesday 29th August.

Comprised of Rhiannon from North London, Evi from Bedford and our Local girl Meisha from Billericay, these girls are not your average X Factor wannabes, or formed by some pop svengali with an eye on a gap in the market. The girls met whilst still at school, instantly clicked and formed a band. Simple as that. No auditions, no input from over-bearing parents, no stage school training.

Four years on, and still only 15, the girls have honed their sound, and worked on their style naturally. It is hardly surprising then that the result is refreshingly different from the contrived alternatives out there.

Working with writers and producers such as the White N3rd (Wretch 32, Loick Essien), Lucas Secon (Pussycat Dolls, The Wanted), Illionaires (fresh from providing the first single to new young rap crew The Rascals) and Will Simms (Nicki Minaj), it is no surprise that the girls’ natural charm blends with attitude, and produces a sound that is sophisticated yet instant. Check forthcoming single ‘Candy Rain’ – a cover of Soul For Real’s 90’s smash – that mixes a perfectly delivered soulful topline with a cool but effervescent rap.
Their forthcoming album is a lyrical journey into teenage lifestyle and pressures in 2012.
Make no mistake, this is gonna pop, big time!

You heard it first! Primrose Hill.

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