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REWIND on Drivetime

28th July 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

New Boyband REWIND come to Gateway 97.8 to talk to Jack Sullivan on Drivetime.

Last Wednesday, I was joined in the studio by Ross, Robbie, Ben, Myk and Jake, who helped me present Drivetime. Now if you don’t know who REWIND are, they are dubbed by the media as the UK’s No.1 new Boyband, who have injected personality back into pop since exploding onto the scene only 3 months ago.

They are soon going to be taking the music industry by storm, after working alongside award wining Writers and producers such as Pete Kirtley, Tim Hawes, Ian Curnow and LA super writer Andrew Lane. Having secured professional management, their careers are set to reach dizzying heights. With radio roadshows, festivals and live PAs at some of the country’s top venues chasing at their heels, demand for REWIND is very high.

Some of the artists they are influenced by include Beyonce, JLS, Usher, Westlife and Alexandra Burke. The band are currently working with, Boyzone and Westlife Producer, Ian Curnow, in the strongroom and various other Grammy Award winning Producers.


I questioned the lads to find out what made them get together, found out how they all know each other, whether they ever rivaled against each other, or whether are they just all friends, and asked them their plans of their own singles and an album, as well as what would they call it?

After their long journey to the Studio at Eastgate, they found it no better when they saw the ‘Basildon’ sign, describing it as one of those Hollywood signs, and expected Jennifer Aniston to jump out of a bush at one point. Now if you missed the show on Wednesday, there’s another chance to hear Hour 1 and Hour 2 below.


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Listen Again:

In Hour 1, they spoke about their Auditions in London, how they chose One Direction’s song More Than This as it is one of those songs that girls are going to love, and performed 2 of their songs.

Now, if you listen to the show regularly, you will probably notice by now, my usual feature of ‘Artist Anagram’ and ‘Band-A-Gram’ at around 4:15pm weekdays, then I reveal the answer towards the end of the show. However, there was a small blooper on this show, from Robbie. Plus new possible hosts of Drivetime? Hear the lads all have ago at presenting.

Laura Anderson, Sarah Wathan and Tahra Malik also joined me in the studio. Laura asked her ‘Fruit Winders’ a few questions, about their secrets and interests, where ‘Redbull Robbie’ had a Blue Peter moment by revealing about his professional microphone at one of his gigs. Basically he pulled a short straw, as there was only 4 microphone, and he had to use a Redbull can, which was taped up with masking tape. Ross also spoke about how he has danced with Cheryl Cole and Marcus Collins, and Jake talks about how he was in the West End’s Tommy The Musical, in which the other band members didn’t even know themselves!

[audio:|titles=Drivetime with Jack Sullivan – Wed 25th July – Hour 1]  
In Hour 2, they began the second hour by performing one of their favourites, which they described as a tearjerker. Now between 4pm and 7pm that day, our social network was going absolutely crazy, with the amount of tweets, emails and texts, all coming through to the studio. So Tahra and Sarah, were keeping an eye on our interactive side for me, and decided to read out some of your messages and tweets to REWIND, to get their responses. And it amazes me, how many people were actually listening, from all across the UK, as well as people in Australia, America and Indonesia, to name a few, so that’s saying something.

We questionned Ben on how long he spends doing his hair, talk about Hairspray, ask how REWIND got started as a band, hear the band do impressions of each other plus Myk’s Essex Impressions, which was quite amusing. And we also asked them what their favourite song is that they have done so far, and all about Pixie Lott being one of the member’s future girlfriend.

I then went on to ask them what’s it like being on stage, now that they have just started their tour, and found out what the REWIND mansion is all about. Now five lads being together all the time, must be full of banter, they tell us what crazy stuff and pranks they get up to, and what do you think of the name ‘REWIND Heart’, ‘Fast Forward’, ‘The Start’, ‘Let’s Go’ or ‘The Beginning’? Those are a few ideas and suggestions of names for their album.

[audio:|titles=Drivetime with Jack Sullivan – Wed 25th July – Hour 2]