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The I-Zone: Children First Fostering Agency

31st August 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

Every child should be entitled to a good upbringing, household and family. There is no excuse for any other alternatives in the UK today. We are all responsible as a community and nation to ensure that as parents or guardians we provide the best we can for our children. On Sunday I will be speaking to Kim Selfe from the great fostering agency Children First Fostering Agency. Unfortunately the list for children who require care and attention is growing rapidly and action needs to be taken. On this next episode of The Inspiration Zone on Sunday at 15:00 I will be asking Kim what we can all do as a nation to help these young individuals who require our immediate attention.


Also in the Gateway studios with Kim will be the registered carer Sara Giles who has received full support and attention from the CFFA in order to become an experienced carer with vast experience. The I-Zone is here to listen to the needs of our charities and community organisations such as CFFA. We will do everything we can to promote the hard work and achievements of these groups and make our kind listeners aware of the issues and challenges these organisations face day in day out in hope to assist and support them in anyway that we can.


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As per your kind requests I will be playing some powerful and inspirational Hindi, English and Punjabi tracks. To get you into gear for the coming week, I will also be providing you with a great inspirational message from the amazing Bollywood legend Sharukh Khan. So sit back, relax and buckle up for this great roller coaster ride provided especially for you from our local radio Gateway 97.8.


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