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The I-Zone: Sailors Society – Tilbury

17th August 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

Please join me Jag Singh on The Inspiration Zone this Sunday coming for the ultimate motivational ride. Gateway 97.8 is proud to support our communities and charities and inform our listeners about the great work these organisations contribute week in week out.


A true example of such a great charity and organisation is the Sailors Society in Tilbury who are responsible for assisting and supporting seafarers on a regular basis. Seafarers can be away from shore for many months travelling in their ships and boats. Once they arrive at the Tilbury port they are greeted by Tilbury’s very own Chaplain Frans Sahetapy and his team with open arms. He and his team provide food, table tennis, a bar and many other facilities to these seafarers.


Seafarer’s have many functions such as protecting our shores to bringing in goods that we use on a daily basis. The Sailors Society, a non-profit making organisation are always there to ensure that there is support and counselling available to these individuals who spend many months at sea.


In this interview I will be speaking to Frans Sahetapy the Tilbury Port Chaplain and the Sailors Societies very own Public Engagement Manager Chris Tuck. They will both be talking about the great work they do in order to support our seafarers after their long journeys at sea.


The Inspiration Zone is here to serve one purpose and that is to share real life stories of exceptional individuals/charities who go the extra mile to make a difference.


As always my playlist will provide motivational music in Hindi, English and Punjabi so make sure you are ready to boogie! On Sunday I will also be providing a special motivational message from my main man Arnold Schwarzenegger to get you in gear for the week ahead.


So please join me Jag Singh on the Inspiration Zone on Sunday at 15:00 and support the great community work our Gateway 97.8 team conduct on a daily basis especially for you.


Be Inspired…Be Motivated…Be There!

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